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About Opaque Multimedia

Opaque Multimedia is a Melbourne-based technology and design company that specialises in combining and extending existing technologies and design techniques to solve problems in a range of domains.

Our combination of industry experience, technical sophistication and research training naturally aligns Opaque Multimedia for innovative, cutting-edge projects that defy existing solutions.

Video Game Technology

Opaque Multimedia is a games company at heart – we believe in the enormous potential of the technology and practices of the games industry to solve problems in other industries.

We have used game technology to create a range of virtual environments, from cognitively minimalistic environments for use in MRI experiments to photorealistic environments used in education.

Similarly, technologies like the Kinect 2 and Oculus Rift allow us to overcome barriers to immersion and deliver educational and entertainment experiences with unprecedented impact.

Interaction & User Experience Design

In association with our web and game technologies, Opaque Multimedia have developed a range of touch, gesture and voice based interaction mechanisms. Opaque Multimedia makes use of the latest innovations in input hardware and software to allow input mechanisms to scale from a single table, to a large presentation wall to multiple interconnected devices containing different views on a system.

Opaque Multimedia also designs interactions and user experiences for users who are normally excluded from effectively using technology. We have allowed architects of physical and virtual spaces to see how their website looks to users with aging related eye conditions; we have designed video games-like experiences for people with dementia.

Research Consultation

Opaque Multimedia has a strong academic background, being founded by a group of PhD researchers from Swinburne University. Our team has maintained their links with Swinburne University and forged new ones with RMIT, Deakin University and Monash University, developing research tools and experimental platforms for academics. Our employees conduct research and publish in the fields of cognitive psychology, image processing, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

Opaque Multimedia has experience in developing experiment platforms, data collection and processing, and rapidly prototyping multimedia technologies for research and academic purposes. Due to our unique blend of research and technical expertise, Opaque Multimedia understands the needs of researchers, and is able to provide technical and design consultation that meets their unique needs.

Advanced Internet Technologies

Opaque Multimedia has developed the Universe Engine, a proprietary engine for distributing and managing interactive 3D and 2D multimedia content in web browsers. The engine features platform independent in-browser display technology that makes use of the latest web standards and sophisticated content management systems designed to allow people of varying levels of expertise manage 3D content for the web.